Lease Abstraction, Lease Audit and Administration Services

SLAS Infosolutions provides comprehensive and high quality lease abstraction, lease administration and lease audit related services. Our team of experienced leasing professionals are well versed with the nuances and technicalities of commercial, industrial and retail leases. Our high expertise in real estate sector developed over several years helps us abstract and administer leases with multiple renewal options, rent abatements, amendments, tenant allowances and complex passthrough of CAM charges among others. We are also familiar with real estate terms such as Hold Over, Radius Restrictions, Go Dark, Eminent Domain/ Sub ordination and Subletting.

Our Credentials

  • 50+ real estate clients across North America in all major states and real estate sectors
  • High client satisfaction – Most of our clients have been with us since 6+ years
  • Fully integrated real estate service provider providing services in leasing, administration, accounting, analysis and allied services
  • Specialist real estate outsourcing services provider since 2013
  • Senior management team with rich outsourcing and management experience since 2003 in global companies
  • Staff with at-least six years of real estate outsourcing experience
  • High expertise in numerous lease abstraction interfaces such as ProLease, Accruent, Tango, MRI, Lease Harbor and Lease Query
  • 2 layer processing (3 layer for complex) with every lease being checked by dedicated reviewer staffing level
  • Spacious office set-up with modern facilities and uninterrupted power supply

Our Services

Lease Abstraction Services (For Landlord and Tenant)

SLAS Infosolutions uses detailed lease abstraction templates to capture the key lease terms with proper section and page notations. Leases can also be tagged appropriately. Some of the salient features of our lease abstracts are as follows:

  • Rent Schedules with clear specification of monthly, annual and psf rents across each relevant period, renewal options and rent abatements
  • CAM, Taxes and Insurance Schedules with listing of Pro-rata shares, CAM Caps, Inclusions, Exclusions, Payment Period, Frequency and CAM audit terms
  • Fee Schedules covering late fees, administrative charges, miscellaneous fees
  • Tenant and Landlord Insurance Requirements
  • Termination Options with listing of notice dates
  • Tenant Allowances
  • Standard real estate clauses such as Assignment/Subletting, GoDark, Holdover, Radius and Uses Restrictions, Subordination
  • Lease Options and Rights
  • Lease Obligations
  • Guarantees and Waivers

Lease Administration Services (For Landlords)

  • Lease Abstraction
  • Setting up and maintenance of lease data in Yardi, MRI or other property management/leasing software
  • Monthly tenant billing, post rent charges and generate rent statements
  • Rent receipting and deposit processing
  • Review of receivables on weekly basis and coordination with property managers to expedite rent collection
  • Setting up and invoicing of CAM charges
  • Preparation of annual CAM reconciliation statements
  • Reporting of lease Information as needed
  • Preparation of customer statements, late fee notices, pending renewal notices, Etoppels and SNDAs
  • Review of broker agreements and prepare leasing commission calculations
  • Ad-hoc portfolio analysis including occupancy cost analysis, vacancy analysis, rent roll analysis, utility cost analysis among others

Lease Audit Services (For Tenants)

Our basic lease audit service performs an initial review of individual leases verifying and reconciling all landlord charges including:

  • Base Rent (including free rent and rent abatements)
  • Rent Renewals
  • Operating Expenses
  • Common Area Maintenance ( CAM)
  • Real Estate Taxes
  • Landlord Insurance
  • CPI Escalations
  • Porters Wage Escalations
  • Late Fees and Miscellaneous Charges Levied
  • Electricity and Submeter Charges
  • Overtime HVAC Rates
  • Tenant Improvement (T/I) allowances

Acquisition Support Services (for Landlord)

Significant time and efforts are incurred during due-diligence activities in real estate acquisitions. SLAS Infosolutions’s team provides extensive acquisition support services to help your team’s due diligence efforts. These services can also be used to ensure correct lease and accounting data is integrated into your leasing and accounting systems.

  • Reconciliation of lease charges set-up with leases
  • Rental and Other Fee Income reconciliation: Reconciliation of bank deposits (rent collected) vs rent and other charges booked in property management software
  • Verify Outstanding liabilities such as AP bills, mortgage, payroll, real estate taxes, insurance among others at time of sale of the property/handover of the property
  • Check if all leases and invoices have been attached in the software
  • Transition lease and accounting data across software
  • Any custom service required during ownership transition of the property