Data Security

Data security is one of the most vital actors that has to be considered while evaluating your outsourcing needs. It is of utmost importance that necessary steps have been implemented for data security. Encrypted technology should be utilized to ensure no breaches in your confidential information.

Some additional security measures that should be adopted:

  • Customers to be provided with “Read Only” access of documents as much possible, it will restrict user from copying the data.
  • Limit access of the software as per process requirements. Restrict accessible drives, Client Internet Access, Files in the Remote desktop applications.
  • Use of different passwords for the team in order to ensure data and Client privacy.

BCP / Data Protection Plans

Both operational backup of data and business continuity / disaster recovery organized and in place.

BCP centres within the city up and running to control any crisis situation

All three important elements of protecting data – Data Security, Access Control & Data Protection are well governed following stringent policies and guidelines.