Case Studies

Lease Abstraction

Business Context:- To complete large portfolio of lease abstraction efficiently within stipulated time frame.

Real Estate Management Firm needed to review and report to its client regarding their leases, the status of their execution and application with more than 60 fields related to critical dates as well as lease clauses including Property Information, Term Obligations, Rent Information, specific clauses like Holdover, Go-Dark, Security Deposit, Estoppel, Condemnation,
Termination Options and so on. Since the volume of the leases was high and fields were complex, it was imperative to deliver on time.

The client was looking for a Lease Abstraction Vendor who could skillfully review and abstract the leases efficiently within the stipulated time frame. SLAS Info Solutions was approached because of its standing to deliver Quality Work Product within the stipulated time frame. The large volume of the parameters to be abstracted combined with the huge volume presented an impending challenge.

Detailed strategy was designed with a project plan submitted to the client. It included Timeline, and the Team consisted of Abstractors, Team Leader, Quality Analysts, and Project Manager. Client Feedback and updates on the process were an important part of successfully effecting of the Project. The deliverables were made on a weekly basis in the lease abstraction template and a report as per client instructions. Attention to details is a virtue hence , we raised red flags on every information, for example missing documents that is, the amendment to lease or renewal letters, assignment of the lease to a subtenant and so on to ensure client reviews and provides appropriate responses. This was highly appreciated .

The strategy to clearly communicate and exchange updates with the client resulted in following the process and dealing with the project requirements, thereby a Quality Work Product was delivered on time achieving the client goals and objectives.

Lease Abstraction ERP

Business Context :- Abstraction of critical data using client ERP within stipulated time frame.

The client is a global consultancy firm, housing over 1000 consultants and 500 research professionals. The company caters to leading organizations, as well as NGOs, helping them maintain data models, generate business intelligence reports and meet their business goals.

The client was looking for a reliable outsourcing partner to abstract data from the investment-related reports and enter it in their enterprise resource planning (ERP) software. To ensure ease of access and retrieval for the users, the project  involved entering pertinent information in bullet points. Furthermore, the client wanted us to secure business-critical data against unauthorized access while maintaining complete data confidentiality.

Assigned a dedicated and able team of experts to help the client summarize key information and enter it in the ERP. With a systematic approach, we extracted relevant information from company reports and compiled it in bullet points by using common schemas and mechanisms. Team Securely accessed the client’s ERP Identified pertinent data from business and financial reports Abstracted the details and organize them in bullet points Keyed-in the salient points in client’s ERP
To maintain the highest level of security, our experts strictly adhered to data security and confidentiality policies.

As part of our data abstraction services, we summarized critical key financial and business information. We updated the
information in the client’s ERP, assisting the users easily access and retrieve the data, as and when required. The information provides critical insights to the users while helping them make strategic decisions just in time.

Forecasting Accuracy for Year End Reconciliation

Business Context :- Abstraction of critical data using client ERP within stipulated time frame.

Client is self-administered and selfmanaged real estate investment trust (REIT). It is in the business of acquiring, owning, developing, redeveloping, expanding, leasing and managing shopping centers. Client owns and manages approximately
115 shopping centers . It has also completed 13 redevelopment projects.

Team performs Year End Reconciliation for Client using current year property notes having specific Tenant related information. However, info on CAP & Fixed Amount calculation along with Lease clauses providing info like exclusions, % increase etc. was missing. Team utilized this opportunity to create Forecasting Model & enhanced Governance framework by calculating CAP / Fixed Amount, updating next year CAP/Fixed amount & property notes, 1 year in advance.

Team performed in-depth comparative analysis of all previous years Lease Agreements for CAP & Fixed Amount
Calculations and performed trend analysis & forecasting for current year’s amounts. In order to create value, team Rectified CAP / Fixed Amount in Client’s ERP for ~1,300 Tenants. Provided standardized calculation required in the Property Notes for future reference & prepared Forecasting Model to increase accuracy of estimated monthly billings.

Project successfully enabled Client to obtain Additional Recoveries of $ 70k. Project helped Client to accurately forecast revenues 1 year in advance, improving Client’s Working Capital Updated Property Notes allowed Client to perform billing activities with greater Accuracy. Owing to the project, Client observed Tenant Disputes reduction by -10%

Improvising Client Leasing Strategy through Slippage Analysis

Business Context:- Slippage Analysis lead to overall revenue recovery of $ 85k.

Client is self-administered and selfmanaged real estate investment trust (REIT).

Team performs calculation for expense wise recovery at property level. Team calculates total PRS for each tenant based expenses at property level, incurred with PRS% as Tenant’s Square Footage/Gross Leasable Area. Update Actual Billed PRS from the completed CAM Recons / tenant. Team observed that Recovery % was only 70% of the total Expenses. Team took this opportunity to help Client reduce overall Recovery% of expenses incurred for entire portfolio.

Team thoroughly investigated each expense wise recovery for about 162 properties & its calculation & it was reconciled with total PRS for each tenant based expenses at property level. This lead to Slippage Analysis which would help increase recovery % Team designed a ‘Standard Slippage Template’ that would help analyze slippages in recoveries & aid team in
identifying their causes.

Project was successful in reducing overall Revenue Slippage by 13% It lead to recovery of additional $85k in Revenue for the Client. Team’s efforts lead to identification of Slippages which would help Client to improve on their Leasing Strategy.
Project also lead increased accounting accuracy & process controls.